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The Return of the King by C1nderellaMan The Return of the King :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 15 13 Paper Butterflies by C1nderellaMan Paper Butterflies :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 77 38 Bicycle Tricycle by C1nderellaMan Bicycle Tricycle :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 15 10
Kathy Kerfuffle's Wonderous Bubble
Kathy Kerfuffle
produced a great bubble
while chewing on
grape flavored gum.
Her friends were amazed,
acquaintances dazed
and even her teacher
was stunned.
As Kathy was beaming
and gloating and gleaming
she failed to remember
the rule:
Bad boys are jokers
and pencils are pokers
so don't blow great bubbles
in school!
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 53 39
The Last Green Door by C1nderellaMan The Last Green Door :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 21 20 A Sunny Day by C1nderellaMan A Sunny Day :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 30 19 Spring To Do List by C1nderellaMan Spring To Do List :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 39 35
Winter Daydreams
Some dreams seem to be much more
like little plays with two encores
like snowy days with sunshine rays
or something shiny at the store
Some dreams seem to never end
like birthday weekends with a friend
like bubbly suds in giant tubs
or blanket castles to pretend
Some dreams seem to linger there
like Grandma's perfume in the air
like sticky buns upon your tongue
or winter snowflakes in your hair
A daytime dream can sometimes spark
a springtime smell or meadowlark
I watch the snow just swirl and blow
and let the daydreams come and go.
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 29 21
Perse Portents by C1nderellaMan Perse Portents :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 27 15 Autumn's Know by C1nderellaMan Autumn's Know :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 30 10
A Shower At 3 am
Andrew stepped into the shower, which had become hot and inviting after running for several minutes.  It was early, a little after 3 am, and he hoped that his shower time would not awaken anyone.  His daughter Sarah whose bedroom was across the hall was usually up late on Friday nights and preferred to sleep in.  He did not worry about his wife Kim as she liked to leave the fan on at night... the noise helped her sleep.  She would not be disturbed by the sound of the shower.  His son Tyler slept like a rock and often fell asleep to war movies... so he was not a concern either.
It was another one of those sleepless nights Andrew had been experiencing lately.  Eventually after tossing and turning for an hour, reading the scores on his phone and playing you tube videos quietly he decided he might as well get up and make it official.  He sometimes liked the early morning hours; it was very quiet and he could spent extra time in his office working on vario
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 11 11
Meanwhile, in the swamp...
Sloshing alligator waiters
wading knee-high in tsetse flies,
serving upscale swamp snails
sipping wine and passing the time.
"Please pass the sassafras!"
croaked Ferdinand the Frog,
who frequents this bog
and normally nibbles
while perched on a log.
"And also, if you please,
a hasty napkin before I sneeze!"
Then, the servile reptile
balancing with style,
grabbed the tissue without issue
all the while filling Ferd's plate
with twice-spiced sassafras steak.
Even the oregano blurb
was nary disturbed.
Ferd was impressed! He addressed
the acrobat after a sneezy spat.
"A nice tip for you!" he chewed,
tossing some mint-scented moss
into the tip-box.  
The reptile just smiled
and uttered "My pleasure!"
as he giggled and gobbled
his mint-scented treasure.
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 7 7
Redacted Rose by C1nderellaMan Redacted Rose :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 27 20 The Enchanted Forest by C1nderellaMan The Enchanted Forest :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 26 10 The Good Witch by C1nderellaMan The Good Witch :iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 25 16
Autumn's Know
Pages turn, seasons flow
summer's learn is autumn's know.
"Embrace the wind!" the dandelion said,
"Blossoming deeds release good seeds!"
"Calm your flow!" the duck pond said,
"A surface of glass will ease your task!"
"Seek the sun!" the grass snake said,
"A quiet spot brings solace when hot!"
"Find my shade!" the oak tree said,
"Why must you toil and fritter and boil?"
"Nevermind them." the white cat said,
"There’s less behind and more ahead."
You leave the page, remembering faces
ready to sprout inside new spaces.
Pages turn, seasons flow
autumn’s burn is winter’s grow.
:iconc1nderellaman:C1nderellaMan 18 3
My latest nonsense.


The Prophetic Statue by simbalm The Prophetic Statue :iconsimbalm:simbalm 319 115 On Growing Up by sarahthemerp On Growing Up :iconsarahthemerp:sarahthemerp 9 2 Struggle by DinzArtz Struggle :icondinzartz:DinzArtz 16 0
The Prophetic Statue
"Look over there", I say and Point to a giant marble statue of a Woman in wide robes.
My Kids run towards it and stand before it, with their head in their necks and open mouths.
"It's huge", says Terry. "Why did you bring us here again?" says Amelie, she seems less excited than Terry.
She's in a complicated Phase would my wife say.
I lift Terry up on my Shoulders and push Amelie softly to a bench, where we have a good sight onto the statue.
"I brought you here to tell you a Story. Not just any Story. I want to tell you how..."
"Stop Dad, that's boring, can't we just go to Grandpa and Grandma and you give me my Cellphone back?" Amelie crosses her arms and makes a pout when I lay my Hand on her Head and shake my head.
"What I was going to say before you interrupted me, is that here is the place where I met someone really important in our all Lives"
I see how Terry is thinking. I can't resist a grin.
I scratch my head. "Okay, where do I begin? Ah, I know!
It's somewhen in June 2017
:iconsirshenanigans:SirShenanigans 5 1
On Growing Up by RafaCM On Growing Up :iconrafacm:RafaCM 17 8
On Growing Up
It's inevitable that
we will all be eaten by wolves someday,
but I will still struggle
and punch and kick and scream
and run wildly down the street barefoot
through red lights and stop signs,
hoping that if I run fast enough I will
grow wings and escape this atmosphere,
and I will always wish for the best
every time I blow out my birthday candles
:iconwindfragments:WindFragments 25 12
Awareness of the Arts: Results
If you think that the choice for the judges was an easy one, you would be wrong. We had 33 amazing pairs enter our contest this year, each of them beautiful in their own special ways. No one should leave this competition saying that they lost, as you have lost nothing, hopefully you have gained a friend. You have each poured out your talents for others to see and you have all created art, worthy of any gallery!
Oh, wait, they can be found in This Gallery!
    The Wait is OVER, the results are in for the      
        Awareness of the Arts: Journey, 2017.
Drum Roll Please...

             First Place goes to the pairing of:
"The Girl and the Mirror
:iconamarantheans:Amarantheans 12 96
Romeo and Juliet by imaginism Romeo and Juliet :iconimaginism:imaginism 1,166 46 The Return of the King by ArtifexUriel The Return of the King :iconartifexuriel:ArtifexUriel 4 4 The Trail by WojtekFus The Trail :iconwojtekfus:WojtekFus 7,776 213 Solar Child by offermoord Solar Child :iconoffermoord:offermoord 105 15 Wonder Woman: Warrior Princess by daekazu Wonder Woman: Warrior Princess :icondaekazu:daekazu 5,018 125
May Feature Part 2
Hello! :iconlualady: for OurDreamsWillCome here!
Our monthly feature includes:
Part 1:
 Monthly theme participation
 Deviant of the month
 News and articles from our members and affiliates
Part 2:
 Monthly highlights
Now, let's begin!!!


Elephant Rainbows - Watercolors by ColaChu Spring Inspiration by irbi-art
:iconlualady:LualaDy 19 45
Paula The Stoner by brandan97 Paula The Stoner :iconbrandan97:brandan97 50 7 Mute, Silence, and Crowd by brandan97 Mute, Silence, and Crowd :iconbrandan97:brandan97 219 14
May 2017 Literature DD Roundup
:icondoughboycafe: Features by doughboycafe

Pax Bellona (SPQR) by AlmostWhitey a world without the moon. by laurotica
Where the Heart Lies by OneWithTheStars Linguistically Challenged Lover by Haegun nulla, goddess of semi-automatics by gliitchlord Kathy Kerfuffle's Wonderous Bubble by C1nderellaMan
Back to the Mainstream by tmulcahy Flagstones (Section 170 (7)) by anapests-and-ink The Cello's Lament by HaveTales-WillTell The Visitor by shelleypalmer
Love and Loss by PrussianHetareFox Wetspaghetia (The promised land) by brodskales Sunset on the Cloud Kingdom by cecegrace
   We are always looking for more DD suggestions! Self suggestions welcome! Check out each CV's profile for their suggestion guidelines, and help us spread the word about great lit on DA!
:icondoughboycafe:doughboycafe 15 21

Something is Brewing (collaborations)

On Deck!
:bulletgreen: :iconleon118: Epic Hamster!

On Pause!
:bulletgreen: :iconlualady: A Fairy Tale!





Darin LaGarry
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I'm a writer and collaborator primarily. My material wanders between deeply moving, chuckle-worthy childish, and gloomily ominous... my muse can never really make up its mind.

I see stories in nearly everything.

Have a look around. I won't bite! Unless you are bacon of course, then you'd better move on.

Thank you to Tsvetka for my absolutely perfect profile picture! :D



Hi folks! You might have noticed that I have been away for some time... no worries I am very busy with other, non-creative things (gasp!) this summer.  I shall return in the fall feeling a little more "recharged".  In the meantime forgive my late replies and follow ups :)
The Return of the King
A collaboration with the very talented artist :iconartifexuriel: for the contest Awareness of the Arts: Journey.  We started with Uriel's sketch then talked through some ideas, which resulted in this sci-fi fable about the nature of mankind.

Click to zoom in a bit for an easier read.

You will find Uriel's version here >> [link coming!] be sure to throw him some fav-love, and visit his profile for more fantastic art! :iconartifexuriel:
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